At Silhouet-Tone our goal is to create enduring and mutually beneficial relationships. By providing the knowledge and resources you need when making decisions concerning your business, we hope to instill self-assurance and confidence in your purchases. By working one-on-one with our customers, we can help businesses make individualized choices that are right for them. Whether you are planning to open a new facility, add a new technology to your spa, or remodel a single treatment room, our account representatives are here to facilitate an enjoyable buying experience that is suited to your needs. Furthermore, when you buy with Silhouet-Tone, you can be sure that your business will be supported by us for the long-term. Our team will work hard to make sure that you are not only receiving the best furniture and equipment, but that you also get the personalized attention that you deserve with every purchase. Our strong warranty, superior service protocols, and exclusive pricing will have you wondering why you didn’t call sooner. Call us today or send us an email to request a quote.

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