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  • Silhouet-Tone Debuts Soli-Lite LED Device for Photobiomodulation

    Non-invasive procedures with zero downtime can
    accelerate the healing process of wounds and offer pain relief


    MIAMI, Feb. 14, 2019 -- Silhouet-Tone, the longest-running manufacturer of esthetic equipment in North America, announced today its latest light therapy device, the Soli-Lite. Having been the first to have introduced LED devices to the market, Silhouet-Tone proudly presents this next evolution in photobiomodulation, the technical term for low level light therapy.


    The Soli-Lite employs a multi-color LED system that has been carefully engineered to treat a variety of conditions on both the face and body. By boosting cell activity through non-thermal and non-traumatic LEDs, the Soli-Lite offers a major solution for many health professionals.


    “Our company is committed to engineering and manufacturing top-of-the-line equipment,” said Eric Ghedin, CEO of Silhouet-Tone. “We believe the Soli-Lite is a breakthrough in light therapy and will offer the highest quality treatments for doctors and medical estheticians to provide to their clients.”


    Like its predecessors, the Lumicell Touch (2003), the Soli-Tone 400 (2004), and the Soli-Tone 2500 (2008), the Soli-Lite harnesses the power of light energy to trigger cell activity and accelerate the natural healing process. This, in turn, stimulates tissue repair, improves blood circulation in treated areas, and promotes faster healing times.


    The yellow light, at 590 nm, targets the blood and lymphatic circulation and has a treatment intensity of 0.3 mW/cm². The infrared light, at 830nm, targets deep subcutaneous tissue to heal wounds and has a treatment intensity of 100 mW/cm². In the field of dermatology, the combination of yellow and infrared light is used to reduce the healing time of an invasive procedure by 50%.


    The Soli-Lite’s efficiency relies on:

    • Superior new generation LEDs with narrow beam focus of 40-45° angle to diffuse high-intensity light
    • Exclusive cooler that keeps the emission intensity stable and prevents fluctuation of wavelengths
    • Adjustable LED panel that is able to frame narrow facial areas or to cover wide skin surfaces and ensure the same exposure on entire treatment area


    The Soli-Lite retails for $22,995 and is available in North America via the Silhouet-Tone USA website or one of the brand’s national sales reps.


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    Silhouet-Tone is a North American manufacturer of specialized equipment, furniture, and professional skin care products. With offices in Canada, the United States, and Switzerland, Silhouet-Tone is active across 53 countries and offers the highest quality, certified devices to estheticians, massage therapists, and dermatologists.


    The company was founded in 1965 with a vision to always bring the best in spa equipment and furniture to the industry. In an effort to be the reference for quality standards and innovation, Silhouet-Tone has introduced numerous patented and certified devices and furniture, redefining the limits of non-invasive procedures with unprecedented comfort. Today, a team of highly experienced professionals ensures that Silhouet-Tone continues to offer state-of-the-art technologies and superior customer service to clients all around the world.