Founded in 1990, Daylight is a renowned manufacturer of an extensive line of magnifying lamps, i.e. a lamp
                                        that combines - the excellent 'daylight' light source - but also high quality magnification, as well as task lamps
                                        and separate magnifiers. Daylight low heat/low energy bulbs are ideal for close-up work and perfect for use
                                        for long periods.

                                        Daylight lamps and magnifiers are readily available and very affordable. With superior vision, they are perfect
                                        for beauty professionals who focus on small specific details and are looking to get a tool that provides a good
                                        positioning of the head and an effortless handling.

                                        The new Omega Series is a modern, ergonomically designed professional magnifying series. The Omega
                                        Series offers the most extensive range of magnifying lens available, including an optical clear white glass lens.

                             Daylight's products


                                        Daylight IQ Magnifying Lamp:

                                        Omega 7 Led Magnifying Lamp: