Since 1964, Taiji has been manufacturing heartwarming products such as HOTCABI towel warmer line. TAIJI
                                        products have been developed to incorporate the most meticulous demands of beauty and health care industries
                                        and are being exported to more than 55 countries located in North America and Europe, as well as in Asia,
                                        Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.

                                        The elegant performance of TAIJI products will fit any interior space and promote a caring relationship between
                                        you and your client.

                                        The TAIJI HOTCABI towel warmer line will provide refreshing hot towels for all beauty professionals’ needs.
                                        HOTCABI towel warmers will help offer your customers more comfort, making them experience a relaxing
                                        moment during their care. 

                             Taiji's products    


                                        Hot Towel Cabi, Double:

                                        Hot Towel Cabi, Single: