Furniture Warranty

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects relating to our metal or wood structures for a period of five years. Vinyl upholstery and foam are guaranteed for three years against manufacturing defects. Fading or color changes and tears resulting from misuse or abuse are not covered under this warranty. All motors (electrical components, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, junction boxes) are covered by a two-year warranty.

Warranty for specialized devices and equipment

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects for a period of two years or 4000 hours. Please refer to your instruction manual for warranty information regarding your accessories, as warranties may vary depending on the device or part.


This warranty does not cover damages that occur during installation.

This warranty does not cover damages incurred during delivery.

This warranty does not cover charges for repairs resulting from improper voltage supply, damage or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse, accidents or unauthorized modification.

Repairs must be performed exclusively by Silhouet-Tone. Any repairs made or any replacement part provided under this warranty will not extend the duration of the original warranty period.

Products must be returned in original packaging or in a new box, with an RMA number supplied by Silhouet-Tone Customer service. The customer is responsible for the correct repackaging of products when returned to ensure damage does not occur during shipment (any damage resulting of that negligence will be the client’s responsibility).All products must be received within 30 days from the day the RMA was issued. Transportation and repacking fees are not considered under the warranty terms and are payable by the client. Returns may be subject to a 20% handling or restocking fee and transport fee. Silhouet-Tone reserves the right to refuse returns if the reason is unsatisfactory. Without an RMA number, all merchandise is returned to the sender at his/her expense.

All merchandise must be inspected upon receipt. Damaged or missing items must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of order. Transport is by ground (standard).

At the client’s expense orders can be shipped by air.

Silhouet-Tone Verified and Certified Equipment Warranty

Silhouet-Tone Verified and CertifiedOur Silhouet-Tone Verified and Certified equipment program was created to give buyers looking for more affordable options, an opportunity to purchase Silhouet-Tone equipment with total peace of mind. Under this program, each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected at the factory then certified. Each device or piece of equipment sold under this program therefore benefits from the same warranty as any new product.